promio.research is your strong partner for online market research

The key to a successful customer approach is the knowledge that we gain from online market research.
Do you always know exactly who your target group is, what their needs are and their level of satisfaction?
Only with this understanding can you acquire new customers and successfully maintain your existing customers.

promio.research plans your survey

Let us plan your survey and develop customised survey instruments. Together we explore your markets and target groups. Our agency carries out product tests for you and analyses your brands or websites. We survey your customers or your employees and use our findings to create a basis for your studies and press releases.

We also support you in evaluating the data or provide you with the market research results - in real time. In workshops or presentations we will show you the results, develop appropriate measures and recommend actions to you.

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Our idea portfolio for your goals

No matter what your objectives are, we cover a wide range of key topics in online market research.

Customer relationship

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your products? Why are customers satisfied with your product?

Market analysis

Which current trends dominate the market? Which communication channels do you use to reach your customers most effectively?

Advertising impact

Which layout is prioritized by the customer? Which layout has the greatest potential to be successful on the market?

Employee survey

What do your employees think about your company? What do they appreciate and what could be improved?

Customised questionnaire and professional programming

A good questionnaire has to inspire and not bore or frustrate the respondent. In addition, a survey generates high-quality data and provides insights to resolve open questions.

We program your questionnaire and handle field control and results monitoring for you, using our market research expertise and professional questionnaire software. Each questionnaire is adapted to your needs in order to answer your research question in the best possible way.

Online panel with extensive market segmentation

Finding the right participants for a survey is often a tedious task. This is different at promio.research. Our panel offers you the target group for almost every question.This allows you to have the best possible market segmentation for your market research.

We recruit the participants for your survey from 150,000 members of one of Germany's largest market research pools with the highest quality. For your international surveys we select from international partner panels in more than 200 countries worldwide. Of course you can also integrate your existing target groups into the survey.

Demographics of the panels

Age structure

We reach target groups of all ages, so that promio.research can provide a basis for your research that represents the internet. Panel members must be at least 14 years old. In addition, there is the possibility of reaching younger target groups or children via parents, therefore we can realise a representative sample in this segment.

Gender distribution

By using our online panel, we can depict an equal distribution of men and women for each survey type. Naturally, there is also the possibility of conducting gender-specific surveys.

Net household income

For many surveys the level of household income is a selection factor. promio.research's diverse panel members enable us to display almost every income class and to address both low-income and high-income households.

Panel participants by federal states

  • Baden-Württemberg: 10%
  • Bavaria: 12%
  • Berlin: 6%
  • Brandenburg: 3%
  • Bremen: 1%
  • Hamburg: 1%
  • Hesse: 7%
  • Mecklenburg Western Pomerania: 2%
  • Lower Saxony: 9%
  • Northrhine-Westphalia: 21%
  • Rhineland Palatinate: 4%
  • Saarland: 1%
  • Saxony: 10%
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 4%
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 3%
  • Thuringia: 3%

More information about our panel

Download Panelbook

Statistics and data evaluation

We offer you the complete range of professional statistics and data evaluation: descriptive frequencies as a volume of tables, inferential statistical safeguards or multivariate analysis. In addition, we review the results together with you and develop measures and recommendations for action. We gladly prepare the results for you in attractive presentations.

Professional consulting for your in-house market research

In cooperation with promio.consult, we can arrange seminars and workshops on the following market research topics:

  • Questionnaire creation
  • Questionnaire programming
  • Data analysis
  • Statistics and methods

Benefit from our expertise and specialist knowledge! We will prepare a customised offer for you.