Successful campaign management - optimized approach at every Touchpoint

  •  10.08.2020
  •  Judith Wester
  •   Campaign Management

Campaign management has rarely been peppered with so many Touchpoints as it is today. We show you how to reach out to your customers in all channels online and offline and how to optimize your campaign.

What is campaign management?

Campaign management is a relevant term for marketers who deal with the implementation, planning and evaluation of marketing campaigns. The primary goal is to increase sales. But a good campaign also strengthens the loyalty of the target group to the brand or company. In doing so, the management applies different Touchpoints. A uniform direction on all channels is the key.

What influence does the brand have on the target group?

A brand conveys a certain, consistent quality to the customer. If the consumer is convinced, he trusts the label. On top of that, a brand gives guidance in a confusing world of merchandise. Furthermore, many people understand it as an expression of their personality when they buy a high-priced or individual product. Other customers attach importance to quality or emphasize ecological preferences. You know best which philosophy your company represents. If you are confident about the value of your products, you can plan your campaigns accordingly.

Consumers don't just buy an item. They want to learn more about the company, its mission or history. By identifying with the brand, they become loyal customers and will gladly recommend your products to others. Your understanding of what drives your target group will increase your company's success in the long term.

How does good campaign management work?

Good campaign management primarily consists of well thought-out time management. In many cases, hardly any time is estimated for the evaluation after the campaign has ended. However, the results provide the perfect foundation for further sales and marketing actions. Furthermore, the consistent direction towards the particular target group is one of the most important success factors. A straight forward brand strategy can anticipate some of the effort involved in planning.

Communication is everything. Improve your internal marketing and notify all departments of the upcoming steps before the campaign starts. Three important reasons for communicating the intended execution:

1. All employees feel included

The larger the company, the more difficult it is to maintain information processes. Nevertheless, no employee enjoys it if he or she learns about the introduction of a new product only by chance. It is not necessary to present the whole concept in detail to every employee. However, your colleagues will feel involved when you inform them about the rough timetable.

2. Possible flaws are detected BEFORE the execution

Basically you should remain true to your style. After all, you have worked out your concept in detail and thoughtfully. Still, it is worth considering all objections and perhaps seeking a discussion with the concerned department. This may help you to improve the understanding of your measures or prevent errors.

3. Uniform marketing - alignment across all areas

Potential customers encounter both the company and its products at various Touchpoints. That's why a good campaign management is the life of the entire company. A forced campaign will quickly have a negative effect if colleagues in sales do not keep up or, in the worst case, are not informed at all.

Campaign management is an investment in the company

Setting up and running a campaign is an investment in the company and should therefore be carefully deliberated. Determine precisely the goal of your campaign.

Are you spending money on a machine that you don't need for your business? Certainly not. Which is why you should not overload your marketing channels with content that does not appeal to your target group. It is of little value to just pour out advertisements similiar to using a watering can and hoping that it hits the right person. So remember: identify, involve and activate the target group.

Target-oriented marketing takes place on many channels. It offers various ways of addressing customers. Alongside personalized direct contact, event-related emails or text messages can refresh the customer's memory of the brand. This also keeps interested parties up to date.

Use the following checklist to ensure that your campaign is successful:

Checklist for a successful campaign:

  • Have you created a campaign plan as a foundation? This will provide a transparent overview of all measures.
  • Do you address your target group directly?
  • Is the data updated and complete?
  • Did I choose the right time for modulation?
  • Have you taken all analyzed Touchpoints into account? Is there room for improvement?
  • Is the information about the planned campaign transmitted across all departments?

Tools for your campaign management

Marketing Automation Tools take over the implementation and evaluation of campaigns. The software can also save a lot of work for planning if there is enough data available. This gives campaign managers more time for creative tasks.

By linking to your CRM solution, you manage all data centrally. This gives sales staff access to important information about your customers. The systems work with artificial intelligence. Customer accounts thus become personal user profiles. Based on specific preferences, the campaign is efficiently targeted, as the user only receives relevant content. The possibilities to extend and automate measures are manifold. Strategies can be expanded without wasting extra time. Beyond that, A/B tests offer the possibility to find the most appealing version during an ongoing campaign.

Improve your campaign management with promio.connect

You have developed your strategy and now need an experienced partner and a reliable tool to run your campaign? We are happy to assist you if you are planning an analog print mailing campaign for your customers. In online marketing we efficiently realize your measures in email marketing, app push and web push. SMS marketing can be integrated as well. Link up single steps or engage with your customers using separate Touchpoints. Of course, together with you we will create an individual strategy. Our software offers you an intuitive user surface. This lets you redefine subareas and afterwards evaluate campaigns. We are looking forward to your inquiry.