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Efficient Omnichannel Marketing

Managing a large number of touchpoints along the customer journey efficiently is a basic requirement of modern customer communication. Today's customers expect an individual and precise channel approach that is adapted to their current communication needs. With you have a strong partner at your side. Control your campaigns across six communication channels in one platform - promio.connect.

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Print remains the trend!

In cooperation with Deutsche Post, print mailings such as letters or postcards are now successfully integrated into our Customer Engagement Suite. By including an "offline" channel for the first time, further opportunities for successful and diverse omnichannel marketing are opened up.

Voucher, pick-up slip, postcard or appointment card, whether individualised, stamped or stapled, print mailings are back in fashion and cannot be beaten when it comes to addressing customers. Especially because of the rapid increase in online advertising statements, experts recommend a rich marketing mix of off and online channels in order to keep an eye on important interest groups. Triggers such as birthdays, coupons or anniversaries can be used to initiate the automated mailing of actual commercial mailings using the work-flow editor in promio.connect. In addition, creativity can be easily modified with the intuitive usability and the numerous features making it ideally suited to the respective customer needs. As a reliable and experienced partner, Deutsche Post handles the printing and shipping of the advertisement material.

Screenshot of a workflow in promio.connect that shows the automated delivery of the channels contained

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Our benefits at one glance:

  • Central creation of campaigns for 6 communication channels
  • Linking of several channels for an integrated customer approach
  • Central administration of the address databases
  • Short processing time
  • Personal support and consulting contact for all 6 channels
  • Cost savings through high purchase quantities and standardised setup processes as well as license agreements
  • Central and comprehensive reporting
  • Intelligent campaign control through marketing automation
  • Individual modules can be purchased at any time
  • Minor training effort for a central tool