Omnichannel in e-commerce: How to successfully merge the online and offline worlds

  •  04.09.2020
  •  Judith Wester
  •   Online Marketing Expertise

Digital distribution channels are becoming increasingly important for the retail trade. Omnichannel offers the solution to combine e-commerce and stationary retail in a goal-oriented way. This article tells you more about the development of the stores.

More and more companies rely on the Omnichannel Strategy

E-commerce has never been more important than it is today. Customers appreciate the convenience of shopping via smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, the authentic shopping experience in stationary retail remains popular. Assuming the customer feels comfortable. In the existing buyer's market, suppliers must adapt to customer wishes. Omnichannel manages the balancing act between offline and online sales. At the same time, the sales channels are linked with each other. When evaluating data, the interaction of the connected channels is elementary.

Omnichannel and e-commerce in B2C

Especially the big players in the retail trade rely on Omnichannel. By 2019 already, a study conducted by EHI found that the best-selling retailers were using Omnichannel models. Multichannel is becoming less important for retailers. We have already discussed this in our article Omnichannel overtakes Multichannel. Still, this sector is crucial when it comes to the application of digital solutions. Especially retail trade in the food sector generates its profits mainly in stores. However, digital channels will probably continue to support business in the future. drugstore articles are still only purchased online with restraint. Here, too, the market development is being closely monitored.

What are your options for applying Omnichannel in e-commerce

The integration of Omnichannel into your business is now more complex than ever. Therefore we would like to mention only the most important types at this point. Click & Collect has already established itself in many stores and is gratefully accepted by customers. Social media and the associated possibilities of shopping are becoming more and more popular and are also being expanded. Despite the different channels, email marketing is still one of the most important online marketing instruments. The advantage is that consumers trust this type of communication. Unlike social channels, customers of almost every age group have an email address. In social media, this looks very different. Next to digital marketing, information in the offline sector is still important.

Your partner at all stages – promio.connect

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