Profiling: Big Data in action

  •  09.05.2019
  •  Catrin Schneider
  •   Online Marketing Expertise

Big Data - a term that is on everyone's lips and still holds great potential for companies to gain competitive advantages. But what exactly is the deal with Big Data? To prevent Big Data from becoming a “Big Problem“ for you, here is a brief overview.

Basically, this trend around Big Data describes the systematic analysis and use of digital data to achieve customer-centered marketing across all touchpoints. Here, the quality of the data is an important aspect of success. Profiling and especially targeting is of particular importance.

Pre-Targeting means that data is collected by means of web tracking even before the customer registers for the newsletter or places an order, allowing us to offer the user an individual communication/approach starting with the first contact. During this process, user profiles are created that reveal which products a customer has viewed in online shops to later suggest products for purchase, for example using advertising banners. The aim is to anticipate the purchase decision as accurately as possible and to be able to influence it accordingly.

This requires the implementation of a special tracking pixel and must be mentioned in the data protection regulations, just as in all other cases of data generation.

Whereas the re-targeting refers to the data generation after a subscription for the newsletter has been made for instance. In comparison, re-targeting offers the possibility to gain a greater profile depth more quickly and proves to be more successful in communication.

When it comes to operating customer-oriented, professional profiling is absolutely essential these days.